Carrié Solages is a first-generation American. Carrié’s parent’s immigrated to the United States from the Caribbean island of Haiti to pursue the American dream.

Being raised in a modest middle-class background in Elmont, Carrié learned the value of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Carrié’s upbringing shaped his views. Many of those views were shaped by his father who is a United States Army veteran and also former New York City Police Officer. The lessons that he learned from his father proved vital in shaping his career goals.

Carrié has always believed that the American dream should be shared by everyone. Carrié earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University and a law degree from Boston College Law School. Upon graduating from law school, Carrié was appointed as an Assistant District Attorney at the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. As a prosecutor, Carrié learned that no one person is above the law, but that everyone is entitled to equal justice.

With the experience he gained, Carrié decided to open a law practice in his hometown community. Carrié enjoys advocating for everyday people dealing with everyday issues. In 2011, Carrié had the privilege to serve as a Commissioner on the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights. In that capacity, Carrié was responsible for overseeing the office that processed discrimination claims. Carrie wanted Nassau County to not only respect diversity, but embrace it as an asset. In that role, Carrié felt more adamant than ever in his beliefs that everyone deserves a voice.

Carrié’s passion for his community did not just stop with his role on the Commission, but it continued through his work with local civic organizations. For example, Carrié served as the Secretary for the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development, which authored a vision plan for development at Belmont Racetrack.

Carrié felt a deep desire to change the culture of corruption in Nassau County. As a result, he successfully ran for office for the seat of Nassau County Legislator. In his time as a County Legislator, Carrié has proven to be a very effective leader and advocate for his constituents. Carrié has continually put his community before politics and special interest groups.