One of Legislator Solages’ main hallmarks has been honesty and integrity, which translates into improved government transparency. Legislator Solages believes that government must be open, honest, and accountable. Legislator Solages has advocated for a number of measures to combat economic waste and corruption. Nassau County has had a long history of politicians receiving benefits in exchange for County contracts. To prevent this type corruption, Legislator Solages’ was one of the first lawmakers to push for the creation of an Inspector General to oversee the contracting process in Nassau County.

In the 21st century, it is much easier to access individuals through technology. Legislator Solages has set an example for many public officials by not only being physically assessable, but also virtually. By having a strong presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Legislator Solages has been able to bring awareness to community issues.

Building relationships with community members is instrumental to an effective government. Legislator Solages has made it a focal point to engage his residents in a manner that fosters trust and cooperation by building a bridge that connects his office to the community.

Legislator Solages has worked diligently to sponsor events for residents of the community. For example, Legislator Solages’ Office has hosted hundreds of events including, Health and Wellness Forums, Veterans Thank You Breakfast, Black History Month Celebrations, Haitian Flag Day, National Night Out, Inwood Day, and Elmont Day. Legislator Solages’ community based events are always free to attend and enjoy.

Another key tenant to building community relations is education. Legislator Solages has worked on bringing educational services to the community by hosting seminars throughout the District on topics such as public safety, mortgage foreclosure, breast health screenings, tax grievances and taxpayer assistance programs.

The 3rd Legislative District is unique because it is the gateway to Nassau County from the largest city in the world—New York City. Due to its location, the District has two major thoroughfares—Cross Island Parkway and Southern State Parkway—that run through it. With these factors in mind, there is a heightened importance for a safe, affordable and efficient public transportation network.

In 2011, the Administration privatized bus services in Nassau County. The privatization resulted in problems such as cuts to popular routes. Legislator Solages disagreed with the Administration’s actions and began implementing a strategy to improve services and conditions. Part of that strategy included press conferences and rallies to pressure NICE Bus to address the issue. Eventually, Legislator Solages’ actions proved successful when cuts to the N1, N2, and N8 were restored in Elmont and Valley Stream.

A strong transportation system must also rely on a solid infrastructure of well-maintained roads and passageways that allow for smoother and safer driving. Legislator Solages has overseen several projects throughout the District that have improved road conditions to several intersections. Recent road paving projects in the District include Dutch Broadway in Elmont from Fletcher Avenue to Elmont Road, Central Avenue in Valley Stream between Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway, Rosedale Road in Valley Stream between Furth Road and the Queens border, and Burnside Avenue in Inwood between Doughty Boulevard and Nassau Expressway.

Legislator Solages has been very vocal in more neglected areas of infrastructural development that have finally been addressed due to his actions. Legislator Solages was able to secure funding for dams and waterway improvements such as the broken water gates at the Mill Brook section of Valley Stream that is currently being repaired. Thanks to Legislator Solages’ instrumental work to develop a new vision plan for Nassau Expressway NY-878 in Inwood, the State has announced plans to reconstruct and elevate a segment of the road. The planned work will mitigate flooding and improve existing drainage, thus enhancing the safety and reliability of this vital roadway.

Carrie Solages secured over $1 million in additional funding for road safety improvements based on constituent requests. Carrie also sponsored traffic studies which have resulted in increased signage, new speed awareness facilities, emergency flood lighting, and other safety measures.

Economic development has and will always be a top concern for Legislator Solages. New business development should always be sustainable in a way that does not negatively impact the community and surrounding areas. Legislator Solages has been a vital advocate to ensure that any future business development benefits the community equally.

Legislator Solages has remained steadfast against big money interests attempting to infiltrate the community. In 2015 when both Inwood and Belmont Park were named as potential sites for a Video Lottery Terminal Casino, Legislator Solages worked with communities to defeat the proposals, and move the proposed Video Lottery Terminal to Aqueduct.

Legislator Solages was one of the leading opponents of the construction of the Cosmos Soccer Stadium at Belmont Park. Legislator Solages was opposed to the plan because the developers did not include certain conditions that would benefit the District at large, such as a community center, high paying jobs, and a fully functional train station. Legislator Solages was very thorough and accurate in his prediction of the likelihood of sustainability of the Cosmos Stadium at Belmont Park. In 2016, the New York Cosmos ceased operations, proving that Legislator Solages took the time to properly understand the implications of the project.

In order to bring accountability to government, our lawmakers should not enact laws that create a backdoor tax that will ultimately burden the taxpayer. Legislator Solages truly believes that the leading issue plaguing Nassau County is the unreasonably high rate of taxation. Legislator Solages has been fighting against back door tax increases that have been unlawfully levied against the public. As a result, Legislator Solages wants to save taxpayers from unnecessary tax increases that are unjustifiable and in some instances illegal.

One prime example of Legislator Solages’ battle to protect the taxpayer was demonstrated in his ongoing crusade against the Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency (IDA). In this instance, Legislator Solages exposed an unlawful contract that imposed an $80 million dollar tax burden on some of the residents of the 3rd Legislative District. By being vigilant in exposing the process that unjustly increased our tax burden, Legislator Solages was able to have this contract challenged. Legislator Solages has been at the forefront of this ongoing issue.

Legislator Solages advocacy for the hard-working people of the District was on display in other instances as well. When Nassau County pursued plans to privatize its sewer system, Legislator Solages recognized the likely reality of sharp increases in sewer system fees. Well before Super Storm Sandy derailed the County’s plan to lease its sewer system, Legislator Solages informed and organized community leaders to understand the environmental and economic implications of the plan for the residents of the District. Legislator Solages has been fiscally responsible in his voting to bond or finance for expenditures. Following recent investigations into the County’s contracting practices, Legislator Solages has declined to vote for contracts without significant reforms by the County Administration. Legislator Solages will continue to champion for these reforms because he wants to ensure that taxpayers are protected from being taken advantage of by our government.

Carrie Solages has held numerous tax-assessment workshops to help residents save on property taxes, informing people of benefits such as STAR and Enhanced-STAR.